About us

VendorAZ is highly experienced Group company, engaged with different styles i.e. Siddiquis Marketing Limited, Asad Trading Corporation, Contact Limited, Friction Products Limited and VendorAZ. The Directors have vast experience in manufacturing, indenting, import, export, financing and contracting business since 1975.

VendorAZ participate in International Tenders, floated by Government, Public and Private Sector  Organizations on behalf of principals abroad in various fields including Thermal, Hydro, Co-generation, Biomass, Wind, Solar, Genset Power Plants, 220/500/750 KV Substations/ Transmission Line Projects and equipment, 220KV & 500 KV Transformers, Mining & Minerals, Oil & Gas, Telecommunication, Railways, Refineries, Machineries & Spares, Petroleum Products, Coal, Fertilizers, Chemicals, Industrial Projects, Barter and Counter Trades, Construction of Dams, Tunnels, Canals, Airports, Highways, Metro, Motorway, Seaport, Oil & Gas Pipelines.

VendorAZ sell short, medium and long-term loans.

VendorAZ import many items against specific orders. Export products produced in Pakistan but not limited to agriculture, textile, jute, leather, marble, wood made ups and handicrafts. VendorAZ has vast experience in International Competitive Bidding (ICB) of small, medium and large projects with Government, Public and Private sector Organizations financed by World Bank, ADB, IDB, AIIB, KFW, Kuwait Fund Loan, Suppliers Credit, L/C, DPL/C, Counter and Barter Trade since 1981.




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